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blog_picHello everyone! My name is Faustinus, but I’m known to many as “Frosty” (Nothing to do with the snowman, lol). My wife and I have been on over eight cruises, so It’s safe to say that we are cruise-a-holics! So let me breifly go over how this addiction began…

We took our first Cruise four years ago on board the Carnival Magic with a group of friends. I enjoyed myself so much, i figured….what the heck, and booked another Cruise 6 months later on another carnival line (I believe it was on the Carnival Concord). We’ve visited the Bahamas, Grand turks, Puerto Rico, Belize Grand Cayman Island, St. Thomas (one of my favorite places!), St. Martins, St. Johns, and many Cruise line private islands. In fact, here is a picture that was taken of me on top of one of the largest hills in St. Thomas…

small_meThis picture was taken on our first cruise, and represents the feeling I have everytime I take a cruise….FREEDOM!

So why did I create this site?….

Well, that’s easy….because I LOVE CRUISING! I’ve came across people who were concerned or afraid of going on cruises, and after I told my stories, and gave them some tips, some were ready to book a cruise that day! Another reason I created this site is cruises can sometimes be very expensive, so there are things I would like to recommend to everyone which will save them some money!

In late 2014, I started GoOnBreak.com, which advocates the importance of taking vacations yearly along with reviews of all of my past vacations, and tips that will help people enjoy their vacations.  In 2015, I coordinated my 10th Anniversary family Cruise reunion, which was AMAZING! I did had family members who were concerned about the prices, along with those who were simply afraid of going on a cruise….and guess what?… EVERYONE enjoyed the cruise so much that they want me to plan a reunion cruise in 2019!  Soon after my family reunion cruise, I coordinated our first annual GoOnBreak.com Cruise for 2016 which will be on board the carnival Splendor in June, 2016.

I strongly suggest doing a family reunion cruise at some point in your life.  I had over 90 people from my family attending, which is pretty amazing.  It wasn’t that easy though.  Some of the challenges I faced were making sure EVERYONE made their payments on time and had up-to-date documentations. So if you’re a trip organizer and would like to organize a trip like this, I will show you some awesome tools that will help you communicate with your people no matter how many they are.  Best of all, I will show you all the amazing benefits of being a group Cruise organizer!

Make sure you leave any questions you may have in the comment section, or shoot me an email by click on the contact us link.

Happy cruising!


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