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Carnival Conquest overall experience

Despite all the negative publicity carnival cruise line has been getting since the 2013 “cruise from hell” incident on the Carnival Triumph in 2013, up until the Ebola scare on Carnival Dream in October, 2014, I’ve decided to take my chances, and book a vacation on the carnival conquest.

Now, for the FEW who was wondering why I took the risk? Well, the answer is simple.  I am not a prisoner of “fear”. There has been well over hundred times more death in car accidents in the past 5 years than deaths on cruises in the past 30 years. Same can be said about planes. Airplane deaths in the past 5 years are drastically higher than cruise death in the past 30 years. With everyone knowing these statistics, they still drive their cars every day, and travel on planes frequently.

I want to give you a little background about myself.  I fell in love with cruises 4 years ago when myself, my fiance at the time, and a couple of friends decided to go on the Carnival Miracle. From the unlimited access of 3-5 star quality foods, to the breath-taking port locations, it’s just an amazing experience that I can not explain.  It’s something that you will have to experience yourself.  If you want a week of relaxation, fun, and excitement all in one place, I struggle suggest you go on a cruise if you haven’t done so already.

On October, my wife and I booked a 7-day 1 year anniversary cruise on the Carnival Conquest which was leaving out of miami, FL.  We were allowed to check in to our cruise at the airport.  In order for us to get from the airport to the ship port, we had to purchase a shuttle transfer from the airport to the ship port.  Round-trip tickets are $32 per person, which is really inexpensive.  The only other means of transportation to the port is taxis.  Taxies will run you well over $50 each way, since the port is 20 minutes away from the airport.  Since we’ve already checked in at the airport, we were able to proceed to checking in our luggage and go through security. The whole process took about 15 minutes from when we arrived to the port.

When booking our flight to miami, we made sure that we got to the port around 1:30pm, so we would have time to tour the ship before departure. Our luggage was brought to our room right before we departed at 4:30pm.

If your familiar with carnival cruise ships, you will know that each ship has interior designs based on countries or a time in history. The carnival conquest has a french theme. The lobby is a bit small, but has a nice size area for dancing and on board games like bean bags, and giant jinga.

The cabins were clean and spacious enough for my wife and I to spread out. We has an Oceanview cabin at the back of the boat. We were literally 3-4 floor above the rutters, which at times was somewhat noisey, and made the room vibrate. We were still able to sleep comfortably every night.

We hung out on the top deck and took in amazing shots of miami.  Here are some beautiful shots of miami we were able to capture:

There was a count-down to the official start of our vacation, followed with a big deck party.

I could get into detail about every single experience we had on our vacation, but I just want to give you the overall experience on the Carnival Conquest.

The staff were very friendly, especially our waiter and waitress for our dinner.  They made sure the remembered our names, and were genuinely happy to see us every night.  One very important tip I have is to make friends with the bartenders.  Tips are added on every drink you purchase on board, so buying drinks from them makes them more money.  If you keep going to the same group of bartenders, they will give you some FREE drinks.

At customer service, we were greeted with smiles and professionalism.   They answered all our questions and concerns promptly.  There is well over 3,000 passengers, which majority of them stopped by the customer service desk for their needs.  In the mist of all those passengers coming to see them, there was courteous at all times.

Our cruise director Mike, and assistant cruise director Riley were entertaining throughout our vacation.

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