Early Bird Discount

Watch the video and read the additional information below

  • 1

    Call cruise agency

    Call 1-800-210-9444

  • 2

    Press 1

    Press 1 when they ask "Need any help with an existing reservation?"

  • 3

    Press 2

    Press 2 after they ask "need assistance with an existing group"

  • 4

    Wait for an operator

    Stay on the line, and the next available representative will come on the line

  • 5

    Request a cabin

    Request a triple for 3 people, quadruple for 4, or a cabin for 5

Making the deposit

Agent will check for availability

The agent will then contact carnival to see if those types of cabins are available.  These types of cabins are very limited, and its first come first serve, so call as soon as possible

When making a deposit

It would be best to have everyone that is staying in the same cabin around you when your making the deposit.  The deposit has to be made all at once, so you will not be able to have everyone make deposits at different times.  Everyone should send their portion of the deposit to the cabin leader.  Another reason for have everyone present at the time of make the deposit is so they can provide the agent their full name and birth date.

If you can not get everyone present for the deposit, you can collect their information along with their portion of the deposit before making the call, then make the payment on their behalf.