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Food on the Carnival Conquest

The food on carnival conquest is amazing.  For breakfast, you can’t lose with their buffet. There is a variety of breakfast selections ranging from eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, french toast (one of my favorite breakfast item), pancakes, waffles, etc. If you don’t feel like eating breakfast at the buffet, you can eat brunch at your assigned restaurant.  Only issue with that is you will have to wait the same time as you would for dinner.  If your feeling to lazy to leave your cabin, you can also call down for room service, and choose from any item on their room service menu. For breakfast, they only offer continental breakfast, so don’t expect a big breakfast from the comfort of your cabin. The most useful time for room service breakfast is on those days at port when you want to sleep late, eat and get ready in your cabin.

You can choose from eating lunch on the “lido” deck, or you can eat brunch at your assigned dining hall.  Also on the lido deck, you will find some of the best burger on the seas!  One you take a bite into one of the burgers at “Guy’s burger grill”, you will not be able to resist going back.  You can choose from 8 of his signature burgers which are to die for!  Be warned!  It taste so good, one burger may not be enough.

There is a different dinner menu every night at your assigned restaurant.  You can order unlimited amounts of 5-star dishes like filet mignon and lobster.  You also have a choice from different desert options, which is different every night.  There are also certain desserts that are available every night.  One of my personal favorites is the chocolate melting cake, which is on of those desserts that are available every night.

One thing you will need to keep in mind when dinning in the buffet on the lido deck are the lines.  Between 11am-12pm, there are usually long lines for breakfast since there are many “late risers” on cruise ships.  Lines are usually 10-20 minutes, so its really not bad if your a patient person.  In case your not so patient, go to breakfast before 11am.


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