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How to avoid overpaying for vacations

Here are some tips on avoiding over paying for your vacations:

1) Request to get your updated invoice emailed.

If you’re making payments towards your vacation, you need to keep track of your payments and balance. There are times when travel agencies will have a different price from the actual vacation price. Whatever you are originally quoted for is what you’re obligated to pay. So if your travel agency quotes you less than the actual price, YOU SAVE BIG! Just have your invoices in case the agency tells you to pay the actual price.

2) Make copies of your bank statements.

Take a screenshot of your account on your phone, or use a screenshot software to take one from your computer. One of my favorite screenshot software is “Jinq”. It’s free, and allows you to take a custom size screenshot of your computer screen, and save it as a PNG file. Click here to download JINQ for free. After taking the screenshot, save it on a computer file or on your phone.

3) Only deal with managers when it comes to pricing conflicts.

Booking agents can only go by what they see in front of their screens. If you successfully made all of your payments, and received your final invoice indicating your balance is cleared, you should never make any additional payments on that account. If you’re told you have to make additional payments, request to speak with a manager (don’t speak to supervisors. They usually don’t have the authority to make price changes). Let them know that you made all of your payments, and that you’re willing to provide a copy of your bank statement and your invoices that corresponds with your payments.

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