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Oasis of the sea overall experience

For our honeymoon, my wife and I booked a 7-night cruise on the epic Oasis of the seas. Oasis of the seas is the second largest cruise ship in the world (Allure of the seas is only a couple of inches larger). There are so much to talk about, so I’ll break it down into categories.


Food was just flat out amazing. In the Windjammer cafe, there was a wide variety of food. Let’s start off with breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). My highlights was the Egg Benedict, bacon, and the French toast. The fruits were fresh, the biscuits and crossants was warm and delicious. Breakfast was available in both the Windjammer cafe and our assigned dinning hall. We did go to our dinning hall for breakfast on our second day. I didn’t like the wait for our food, and for the wait, the food was a little disappointing. The quantity was small, so I would suggest ordering additional items if you have a big appetite.

Dinner was amazing every night. Our hostess and waiters were extremely friendly. It took a couple of days for them to believe that people really called me Frosty! The food was amazing (4 & 5 star quality food). We did go to the “Chops” restaurant once. It does cost an additional $25 per person, which will be on your final cruise invoice. The wines are an additional cost, which the waiting staff will have you sample. Personally, I’m a steak man which explains why we dined there, and our steak dishes was incredible!


We stayed in a cabin with a balcony facing the ocean. That was my favorite feature of the cabin, since I spent majority of my time in the cabin out on the balcony. Our cabin was very spacious. It came with a queensize bed, couch, coffee table, and a LCD television. The bathroom was pretty small and I found myself getting frustrated when navigating while being a big guy. I wish they could find a way to expand their bathroom and shower. It’s uncomfortable taking showers in that small space with the curtain continuously touching you. To avoid that from happening to you,  you should shower with the curtain open. For your privacy, make sure you lock the bathroom door while doing so, lol!

For those who has a fear of the ocean, they have balcony cabins facing the interior of the boat.   The balcony staterooms that are facing the interior of the boat overlooks the central park (Rooms located in the front of the ship) and the boardwalk (Rooms located in the rear).  I must warn you, it can get a little noisy at times during the daytime.  So keep that into consideration if your the type of person that takes naps in the daytime or if your a light sleeper.


The ship has typical on-board daily activities you may find on any other ship (Tons of trivia, bingo, pool parties, game shows, pool deck contests, etc.).  The two things that sets this ship apart from the rest are the skating arena, and the Aqua-theater.  The skating shows was really good.  It was quite amazing to see these skaters perform in such a small skating ring without any collisions.  Another event that was held in the skating ring (without the ice of course) was one of my favorite game shows on any cruise, which was called the “Quest Game Show”.  Its hilarious seeing grow people making a fool out of themselves while having fun!  Definitely try to make it to the Quest game show, it is worth it! They usually only have one show per cruise, so check your itinerary for the show time.

I was disappointed in the lack of activities held for the basketball court. They have a college size full basketball court, and for someone who loves playing basketball, I would’ve love to see and participated in a basketball tournament on the cruise. However, we were able to play a couple of pickup games, which help satisfy my urge to ball.

Since we are on the exercise topic, their gym was clean, organized, and spacious. For those who are hard-core weight lifters, unfortunately for yall, there are no free bars. I assume that’s to prevent any lunking and for safety purposes. However, they do have a smith machine along with dumbbells and benches. There are dozens of elipticals and treadmills. The gym gets crowded around 10-11am (Right after breakfast….it figures…), so it’s tough to get a machine then. I know people are on vacation and hates this suggestion, but the best time to go to the gym is between 7-9am. I suggest you bring a reusable water bottle. They do not allow you to refill plastic waterbottles in the gym.

They also offer group classes at an additional cost such as cycling, zumba, yoga, fitness bootcamp, and kick-boxing. Classes are pretty pricey, so they hold workshops I’m attempts to sell you on joining. My wife signed up for a cycling class, and wasn’t too fond of it (personally, I HATE cycling! I mean, it’s so uncomfortable!). Overall, we were able to get some good workouts during our vacation.

Overall, we really enjoyed our cruise. In fact, this inspired me to start this company and blog. I will have to say that my time on the Oasis of the seas made me become infatuated with cruises.

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