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What you should bring on a cruise

ID-10029471Cruises have a strict policy on certain items allowed on their boats.  Similar to TSA, cruises has their own security protocol.  We’ve compiled a list of things you should bring on a cruise along with things you will not be allowed to bring.  This will help you avoid running into any issues while going through cruise security.

Unlike flights, cruises doesn’t have any weight limitation for checked in luggage.  I suggest you pack enough for the amount of time your going to be on the cruise.  When arriving to the port for departure, there will be luggage handlers out front to greet you.  They can check in your bags and bring them up to your cabins.  This service complimentary and is not mandatory for you to use.  However, these guys really appreciate tips, so make sure you have a couple of bucks on hand.  If you choose to have them take care of you luggage, make sure you have your luggage tag printed out prior to arriving at the port.  If you were unable to print out your luggage tags, most likely the luggage handlers will have blank tags.  Just make sure you fill out your name and your cabin number.  Again, there is no weight limitation, so feel free to stuff your bags!

Stay Hydrated!

ID-100253362You are allowed to carry bottle waters on the ship.  I strongly suggest bringing at least one case of bottled water.  Why do you need to bring a case of water?  You don’t want to be running up to the lido deck every time your thirsty, right?  Drinking water in the cafeteria and in the dinning hall are from the tap.  Even though the water is clean, and tastes good, there are many people who will prefer to drink spring water.   Buying a bottle water on-board and drinking a pre-stocked water bottle in the cabin costs at least $4 dollars and can go upwards to $10 bucks!!  A 24-bottle case from a local 7 eleven or gas station near the port will cost you less than $10 bucks.  What I like to do is replace the pre-stocked beverages in the fridge with the bottle waters I bring on board.  On the last days of the cruise, I simply put back the pre-stocked beverages in the fridge.

Besides a bottle of wine, which can only be stored in your luggage, you are not allowed to bring any other alcoholic beverages on board.  Security will take one random bottle out of your water bottle case and shake it to see if it’s vodka.  If you’re not aware, shaking water doesn’t mists, but vodka does.  If they find a bottle with vodka, they will confiscate your entire case of water.  Lastly,  you will not be allowed to bring soda on board.

Stay Beautiful!

For all of you ladies that want your hair to be done up, make sure you bring your curling iron and blow drier.  All hair products are allowed the ship.  In fact, all cosmetic item will be allowed on the ship, as long as they are not sharp.  Sharp items are deemed as a weapon, and will be confiscated at the security check point.

Stay Wrinkle Free!

ID-10055282Cabins on a cruise ship do not have any cloth irons, and you will not be allowed to bring cloth irons on the ship.  I strongly suggest you iron all of your cloths before packing for your cruise.  Most cruise ships don’t carry irons due to them being fire hazards.   If you’re bringing coat suits, dresses, or any other formal attire, all cruises offer dry cleaning services, which will be billed on your final cruise invoice.   Carnival cruise ships has laundry rooms on every other level, which contains washer and drying machines, along with an iron and a ironing board.  There may be a wait at times, usuallt in the mornings and before dinner times.

Hopefully these tips were helpful for you.  You will also be sent information about what you can and can’t bring on the boat.

Happy cruising!

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